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Black Tie Professional with sponsorship from Fondazione Cariplo, CRT, Fondazione Ca’ Foscari and Fondazione Politecnico


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The circular economy is the paradigm for the economy of the future, as it is capable of regenerating itself in terms of energy resources and materials, but also in terms of human resources. Black Tie wishes to share best practice with businesses and institutions for being sustainable, nurturing the planet and creating a system, in line with its values and Mission.

With this objective in mind, it is organising an event for a select audience of managers in Milan at Samsung Smart Home: numerous videos and two round tables on the theme, involving experts from the sector, and sponsored by Fondazione Cariplo, CRT, Fondazione Ca’ Foscari and Fondazione Politecnico.

Social and economic sustainability reviewed, then, with a view to regenerating organisational processes, as the key to making businesses attractive and competitive on the global stage.